Dolphin Premier

As a pool owner, you understand the work and equipment needed for maintenance. You understand that manual cleaning is time-consuming, and many pool cleaners are inefficient and waste energy. Today we’ll be looking at the new Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. Created by engineers at Maytronics, this groundbreaking cleaner is fully automated and includes patented features that separate it from any others on the market. Keep on reading and take an in-depth look into how this cleaner can improve your pool-cleaning routine.

The Flagship of the Dolphin Pool Cleaners

The story of the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner began when Maytronics engineers saw the amount of energy wasted on traditional pool cleaners. These conventional cleaners ran on AC Powered motors, which used a significant amount of power and left owners with hundreds of dollars in additional energy costs. Furthermore, these cleaners were large, bulky and required a high level of maintenance.

Another issue identified with pool cleaners was their inability to handle biofilms. These algae, fungi and other organisms are invisible to the naked eye. Other pool cleaners focused on water quality, ignoring the fact that 99% of microorganisms that affect water quality live in the biofilm found on pool walls. This gap between cleaning time and effective cleanliness needed to be addressed

Therefore, the goal was to design a robotic pool cleaner that used less energy while delivering superior pool cleanings.


360 Degree Rotating Swivel:

You’re probably familiar with pool cleaning equipment that relies on long cords that tangle easily. The Dolphin’s patented rotating swivel eliminates this concern with its 360 degree rotating capability. Essentially, the swivel works with the cord to help it change direction.

Brush System:

Powered by the superior DC motor system, the dolphin’s brush system thoroughly scrubs all pool surfaces to remove the most stubborn of microforms. This is all the more important when you consider that many other cleaners lack the ability to dig into these microforms, leaving them intact and allowing for increased build-up.

DC Motor Efficiency:

The secret to the Dolphin’s energy efficiency lies in its DC motor. This 24 volt piece uses almost 90% less energy compared to motors used for old pool cleaners. Furthermore, a complete Dolphin pool clean take 2.5 hours, and only requires 180 watts of energy.

DIY Maintenance:

With any equipment, downtime is inevitable. Nevertheless, the Dolphin straightforward design makes it simple for anyone to identify and fix necessary issues. Indeed, the Dolphin’s site claims any part can be replaced in 10 minutes or less.

MultiMedia Support:

As a pool owner, you understand that different types of debris require different cleaning media. The makers of the Dolphin Pool Cleaner understood this, and created a MultiMedia section that supports 4 filter types. These include disposable debris bags, oversized debris bags, standard cartridges and micro-cartridges. It’s easy for you to switch mediums, further reducing the time needed to clean your pool.

Robotic Scanning:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your cleaner head straight for the dirt and debris? With the use of SmartNav technology, the Dolphin does just that. Once it enters your pool, it scans the surface to identify areas that need cleaning. Next, it calculates the most efficient path to cover those areas, avoiding filters and pool cleaners along the way.

Rubber Tracks:

Unlike other robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin comes with HyperGrip rubber tracks to reduce slipping. This improves the Dolphin’s tracking ability and reduces overall clean time by eliminating the need to reattempt surface climbing.

Surface Cleaning:

Powered by its 3,000 RPM motor, the Dolphin climbs up pool doors, steps and walls without falling. The Dolphin can handle most pool surfaces, including fiberglass, tile and vinyl. Remember that 99% of quality-killing microorganisms live on pool surfaces. The Dolphin takes care of them, erasing any doubt about your pool’s health.

Additional Features

While the Dolphin has many out-of-the-box features, the engineers didn’t stop there. The Dolphin Premier Caddy is available for easy transportation of the cleaner. Oversized debris bags are available for use with the MultiMedia box. For additional fun, the Remote Control allows you to turn off the automatic features and take the Dolphin for a drive.

3-Year Warranty

The superior design of the Dolphin Premier is backed by a 3-year limited warranty that guarantees your model will be free from defects during that time. In addition to its DIY design, the Dolphin is backed by a worldwide network of dealers that can address service concerns.

Dolphin Premier Full Walkthrough


Final Thoughts

It’s hard to ignore the many benefits the Dolphin Premier provides. As a pool owner, you understand the hassle of maintaining a clean pool. From dirty water to slimy walls, it would be great to find a reliable robotic cleaner that didn’t come with the hassles of traditional pool cleaning equipment. With the Dolphin Premier, that search is over

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