Does your Polaris 9300/9300XI Sport’s wheel keep breaking or falling off?


One of the most common complaints we get about the Polaris 9300 / 9300XI cleaner is the wheels keep breaking or falling off. I understand its very frustrating to have to deal with getting your Polaris cleaner repaired when you’ve invested a large sum of money for a premium robotic cleaner.

Zodiac Pool the manufacturer of all Polaris pool cleaners has admitted that this issue is indeed a design flaw on their part and have made updates to the 9300 / 9300XI‘s wheel design going forward.

Unfortunately if you are dealing with this issue more than likely your Polaris pool cleaner is out of warranty or you were one of the first few to purchase the Polaris 9300/9300XI cleaner so you are on your own to get this issue fixed.

Polaris 9300/9300xi Wheel Fix

Below you will find a video of pool owner much like yourself who was kind enough to create a video on how he reinforced the wheel with epoxy and hasn’t experienced the issue since.

Polaris 9300 Wheel Removal Instructions

Below you will find a video showing you detailed instructions on how to remove and replace your wheel on your Polaris 9300 / 9300xi.  If you need a new replacement wheel you can purchase a Polaris 9300/9300xi wheel by clicking here.


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