Robotic Pool Cleaner Benefits: Are They Worth It?

My husband and I enjoy our pool very much. We invite people over… the grandchildren come, and we have a good time. However, there is always a mess left behind to clean up. I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do with my time than to clean up the messes other people have made, including my family’s.

I mean, I certainly don’t want to spend my day vacuuming the pool in this god-awful heat. Although I’d be in the pool, I’d rather be swimming than cleaning. After much fuss with my husband about who’s turn it was to clean the pool, my neighbor hit me with the idea of purchasing a robotic pool cleaner. I thought, what a novel idea… I should look into it, and so I did. This is what I found out.

The Benefits of Owning a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are really very popular. Although they are not all made equal, for most of us, it’s an investment well worth the money. After you hear the benefits, you may want to get one for yourself. Let me tell you about it.

First and foremost, being retired, saving money and time is my biggest motivator. The robotic pool cleaner is energy and time efficient. It operates on its own power supply and not with the pool’s, which saves us money. Depending on what model you buy, it’s possible to save up to 94% of the total cost to operate a pool. While the little robot is cleaning, it’s circulating the water, so you don’t have to run the pump during clean up.

Secondly, it is self-contained. All of the debris goes into the container and not in the pump and filtration system. What this does is prolong the life of the pump and my husband’s life, too. I don’t have to threaten him as much because he hadn’t completed his honey-do’s.

Thirdly, the filter is easy as pie to clean. You don’t have to waste money buying filter after filter, after filter. You just remove the one inside the robotic pool cleaner, dump the contents, put it back on and you’re free to move on as well. This extends the life of our pool’s main filter.

Fourth, the robotic pool cleaner climbs the pool’s walls and scrubs them down, too. Oh my, what a life saver this little buddy is. It does all this without disturbing the neighbors. It’s a very quiet machine. You’ll love it.

Fifth, it doesn’t require any additional pumps. While it’s helping to circulate the water, it circulates the chemicals as well. By doing this, it reduces the amount of chemical usage. Yes, another money saving tip.

Sixth and lastly, my husband loves the idea of the robotic pool cleaner having its own remote and caddy cart. He says it’s one electronic device he knows how to operate efficiently.

To make sure you understand, let’s recap the points. It saves time and money. It operates independent of the pool’s energy supply and there are not filters to buy. It cleans the floors as well as the walls and it doesn’t make much noise.

Well, I know that not everyone will agree with my findings, but I have enjoyed this summer’s retreat from cleaning the pool, or at least from having to fuss at my husband. We have other important things to argue about like how much money can I spend in Vegas this year.

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